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Featuring the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding rainforest as the main natural scenery, at our horseback riding camp you can enjoy a key nature tour for your Costa Rican vacation, on very well tended horses. After horseback riding lessons or instruction as needed, you will be ready to ride the trails, including a rainforest portion where howler monkeys and birds can be seen. The tour also visits the Arenal Volcano scenic point, to appreciate the magnificence of the volcano and one of the beautiful lakes that it originated at its flanks.

All of our horses are lovingly cared for. Traditionally an important part of Hotel Los Lagos, they are all properly fed and watered. Also, they are alternated at work to ensure they get enough rest. Thus we can offer you a quality horseback riding experience, for you as well as for the horses!

The Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort horseback riding tour goes through the hotel’s hacienda and rainforest and then along the path that goes to Los Juncos Lake and passes on to the observatory where, on a clear day, you can appreciate the great view of the Arenal Volcano. Then we continue through one mile of primary tropical rainforest to Los Lirios Lake, giving you the chance for great bird watching and occasional wildlife sightings before riding back to the first lake.

At Los Juncos, we stay for a while in the Arenal Volcano scenic point. You can see volcanic material descending from the conic crater and feel the power and beauty of the scenery formed simultaneously by the Arenal Volcano, this lake and the tropical rainforest.

The guide conducting the ride carries a first-aid kit at all times, and motorized assistance is available by radio communication.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can relax in the hotel’s hot springs and enjoy the health and beauty of our Fangus Spa.