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Canopy Tours

Canopy Tour Los Cañones offers a tour full of adrenaline within the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest, with the possibility of seeing tropical birds or howler monkeys, while you are a guest in their home. With our Canopy Tour you can be sure you’ll experience a full adventure in your Costa Rican vacation, even within the Los Lagos Hotel area.

Horseback Riding

Featuring the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding rainforest as the main natural scenery, at our horseback riding camp you can enjoy a key nature tour for your Costa Rican vacation, on very well-tended horses. After horseback riding lessons or instruction as needed, you will be ready to ride the trails, including a rainforest portion where howler monkeys and birds can be seen.

Volcano Rainforest

The rainforest biome is so important (basically, a biome is a set of similar ecosystems) because it is home of 2/3 of all species of animals and plants on our planet. In fact, the tropical rainforest is home to more species than all other biomes combined! Furthermore, hundreds of millions of new species of plants, insects and microorganisms living here remain uncatalogued.