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About Natural Hot Springs: Natural Benefits:

The therapeutic uses of natural hot springs can be internal or external, ranging from water treatments (hydrotherapy), to medicinal clay (geotherapy). Applied as a mask directly on the skin, clay releases excess body heat and absorbs toxins and other secretions. Because heated water can hold more dissolved solids, warm and especially hot springs often have a very high mineral content, ranging from simple calcium to lithium and even radium. Known both from folklore and from their proven medical value, hot springs are often popular tourist destinations.

The Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort hot springs are an extraordinary gift from nature and result from the interaction of groundwater with magma from the active Arenal Volcano. The volcano’s internal energy and minerals, the same that emerge from the entrails of the planet, provide a natural treatment for your skin as well as your whole body.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can relax in the hotel’s natural hot springs and enjoy the health and beauty of our Fangus Spa.