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Lemnos Wet Bar

With the Arenal Volcano as an impressive natural background, enjoy the refreshing beverages and tropical fruit at our Lemnos Wet Bar, blending the pleasant and relaxing warmth of a hot spring, with the happy and musical atmosphere of this hotel bar.

Lemnos Wet Bar offers a perfect view of the Arenal Volcano, allowing you to witness its spectacular lava eruptions and hear its powerful thundering even as you’re warmed by its hot springs and surrounded by cool rainforest… with a drink in your hand.

In fact, while you’re in the bar, you may choose among a variety of 56 cocktails and 14 non-alcoholic cocktails, natural beverages (orange, lime, pineapple, mango, banana, sour sop, maypop, cantaloupe, coconut, strawberry, peach, tomato), sodas, beer and wines.

Among our signature drinks are: the Arenal Volcano cocktail, prepared with Costa Rica’s national liquor, “guaro” (whose name makes allusion to an Indian chief that sports 4 feathers), orange liquor and fruits (soursop, pineapple and maypop); the Lake Arenal cocktail with blue cream, vodka (of your choice), lime and soda; and the Lemnos cocktail, with vodka (of your choice), coconut cream, banana and orange. There is great fast food offering: hamburgers, tacos, rice with chicken or beef, and meat strips.

The musical set is created with the indispensable Latin music; together with an excellent 70s, 80s and 90s pop music collection.

Don't forget that after an intense and active tour day you can relax in the hotel’s natural hot springs and enjoy the health and beauty of our Fangus Spa.